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Happy Birthday Singapore!

Proud to be Singaporean

Singapore celebrates its birth as modern nation on August 9th. The country’s 50th birthday celebration reminds us that our nation has been built on the platforms of vision, dedication & innovation.

These are all values that we as a company cherish.

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Web Synergies sees opportunities in Andhra Pradesh

Web Synergies Managing Director Mr. Gideon Lim sees plenty of opportunities for the company in the investor-friendly environment fostered by Andhra Pradesh officials.

He told Channel News Asia in a recent interview: “We're quite excited to look into other growth areas in Andhra Pradesh - the capital region has lots of potential, especially with incentives that the government of Andhra Pradesh has in mind.”

Andhra Pradesh is building a brand new capital city with the support and expertise of two Singapore’s renowned city planners - Surbana International Consultants and Jurong Consultants.

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