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Environmental Responsibilities

Going Green

Our Environmental Responsibilities

Web Synergies (S) Pte Ltd. is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities in keeping with Green Policy direction of the countries in which it operates.

Our strategy aims to:

  • Ensure that we minimise waste by evaluating our operations and making them as efficient as possible
  • Minimise any toxic emissions we may produce through the careful selection and use our power options, wherever possible
  • Promote the prudent use of water ensuring that staff understand the implications of living and working within a water catchment area
  • Safeguard the health of our staff and clients by being a smoke-free environment
  • Promote and use recycling with our staff and amongst our clients and suppliers
  • Seek and promote services and products that have a minimal environmental impact related to both production and distribution
  • Ensure that our Company’s operations meet or exceed all environmental legislation requirements
  • Remain committed to reducing any harmful effects our operations may have on the local or global environment
  • Set targets for ongoing improvement and develop a training program for staff to raise their awareness of environmental issues, enlisting their support in improving the Company’s performance.


Mr Gideon Lim
President & CEO

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