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Ecommerce, a commercial transaction that automates businesses to engage in buying and selling of products and services. Ecommerce Solution occurs in online marketplace, retail sales, B2B, Social Marketing, B2C, Mobile Commerce and Pretail. Wherein B2B ecommerce is an integrated solution that connects businesses across any industry and its cutting edge technology develops an efficient system to reduce cost and efficiency in marketplace.

Business to Business Ecommerce Solution, enfolds robust capabilities that helps in rich shopping experience, product management, order fulfillment, inventory, revenue opportunities, sales productivity and CRM. B2B Ecommerce Systems are brick & mortar for manufacturer, channel partners, vendor, suppliers and retailers to reduce administrative costs, streamline business process and enhance marketing opportunities. They improve the interaction with customers globally, improving sales and generating brand loyalty.

Web Synergies can help you better utilize your current B2B sales channels to build up your revenue. Right ordering, Right planning and transportation to logistics, our systems automates the business process beginning to end. Our B2B Ecommerce solutions are designed to deliver a streamlined buying experience across all industries and at any scale.

We design ecommerce solutions that let you deliver personalized content to your buyers; giving access to inventory availability and order status, while automating your quote-to-cash processes.

B2B Sales Channels

How our B2B Solution can benefit your business:

Optimize Procurement: Streamlines company`s procurement process with the supplier across the globe.

Collaborative Shopping: Enrich shopping experience, create new sales channels, betters ROI and uplifts the market.

Integration with ERP: Integrate to your backend ERP systems to make the whole process seamless and improve the overall order fulfillment process

CRM Integration: Provides value-added services to enhance sales and productivity; sustain existing customers and attract new ones

Order Fulfillments: Utilize up-to-date order status, online purchases and product management to ensure cross- and upsell opportunities.

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